Friday, April 17, 2009

...if she went to TOPSHOP?

*I went to TOPSHOP yesterday afternoon after a glorious introductory jaunt to Opening Ceremony. Now THAT was fun. But I distinctly heard sirens beckoning me north on Broadway. I never shop on weekends unless my mother is in town. It's a death wish. So, with my trusty companion, let's call him Bruce Jenner, I surfed a crowd of Danish and Italian tourists and made my way to the flagship store. I would have to suggest that before entering, check that no one in your party is light-sensitive, nauseous or pessimistic. The experience is not for the faint of heart. I went straight to a sales associate and asked where the TALL section is (for future reference, I didn't have time for jeans shopping) and then carried on to The Boutique section. I'm immediately impressed with the Jonathan Saunders collection. The Marios Schwab offerings were completely wiped out. The Richard Nicoll color palette and silouette will have to subject itself to a wait of no less than two months to really grab my attention (read, too pastel).

Out of the corner of my eye, I realized I was alone. Perhaps it was the price point or the lack of recognition of some of these designers but lots of women seemed to be politely clutching at the Kate Moss for TOPSHOP selection. I could immediately see why. It reflects Kate's public persona perfectly. She wants to dress like a grown up but also have fun and turn some heads. Most importantly, she wants women to be able to throw on anything from the collection and upgrade their outfits. This is essential to any yummy mummy who's running from work, picking up children and dropping them off to have drinks with an old colleague (insert your own hectic life list here, it still works.)

I'm sure Mrs. Obama will find some White House appropriate accents. Keep your lookin' balls peeled...

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