Monday, April 20, 2009

Reshape America from the Inside Out

*If you hate working out, reward yourself (who doesn't like presents?). Prepare your favorite meal under the pretense that after your workout, you get to devour it or share it with your friends. What's my motivation? I love to show off my Stella McCartney for Adidas running jacket. It makes me feel like a sexy professional marathoner even though I haven't run any respectable distances (or times for that matter) since high school track. The point is, I always find a reason to get excited about running that has nothing to do with the end result. This may seem backwards but when you've been working out for what seems like your whole life, you have to become an innovator in self-motivation. If I go home to the Berkshires, I take all of my gear along and can't wait to take in the amazing views around my favorite running trails. Up behind my mother's house, there's an old mill. It has it's own train station and the tracks wind beautifully around a large pond (I often interrupt the quiet serenity by belting out The Ting Tings and Madonna to my heart's content.) Whether the ground is covered in snow or the first apple blossoms are blooming, the scene always conjures up a feeling of health and vibrancy that keeps me coming back. If you can hold onto an image like that, you can repeat the emotion for any activity.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the advice and ambition to get out and Run. I am looking for my Circa 1980 addi-da right now to stand in front of my couch and work out Wii -Thin.
Cheers to black models everywhere.

Dabuttah said...

Here's an easy trick I like to use to help me when I go running. I pretend I am playing tag with a past version of myself. This twin is like the evil, fatter, slower and generally more disliked version of myself (it's like a bad twin see?). Anyway I pretend that I just tagged that version and screamed, "YOU'RE IT!" and than I have to run faster so it doesn't get me back. Of course there are days when I ate too much cheesecake or Hagen Daz and I think that the evil twin may get be catching up with me. That is why it is always prudent to carry a taser gun with you to subdue your twin. Even when it screams out, "Don't TASE ME BRO!" pay no mind and continue to apply 50,000 volts to it until it either passes out or you want to continue your jog.