Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oscar, Michelle and the Fight for More Black Models.

*Ahhh, the age old argument of "Where have all the black girls gone???" I hold this one so close to my heart that it's difficult at times to get my point heard without sounding completely myopic, self-indulgent or both. But Donna Michelle Anderson has managed to flawlessly express the sentiment via HuffPo and I am more than happy to share the wealth (of knowledge that is, hands off my BofA Keep the Change program!).

There has been a ridiculous amount of coverage on the First Lady's sartorial predilections. From the moment she took the world stage, the documentation and dissection of her wardrobe choices have been bandied about as some major issue. Honestly, it didn't hold much bearing for me until I read a rather catty remark from a designer I have always aspired to wear (when I become a lady who lunches or finally expatriate to Turks and Caicos), Mr. Oscar de la Renta. He manages to display his sour grapes with such efficiency that I really don't need to further implicate him here. But what I do want to focus on is Michelle's seemingly calculated actions. She managed to choose deserving new players who have the most modern perception of who their client is, all whilst remaining loyal to American based designers.

Controversially, I am elated to see people naming names. America is leaving behind an era of ambiguous accountability and moving quickly towards transparency. President Obama has not shied away from exposing each and every offender in the demise of Wall St. and perhaps in a chic and very diplomatic way, his partner Michelle is doing the same to 7th Avenue.

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Hope55 said...

Thanks to Mrs. O, things are about to change as designers will now have to rethink how they market "couture."