Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"This isn't about us."

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the First Lady opened up about her family's home life and spoke candidly about their first experiences at the White House. Usually, these types of interviews are somewhat cloying in their saturation of recycled sound bytes and factoids; Michelle's mother lives in an "in-law apartment" upstairs, Sasha and Malia must make their own beds, there are over 95 staff members, etc. But Oprah has always had a knack for coaxing the most profound utterances from her interview subject (That is why she is Oprah. Respect.) Michelle quoted her husband, saying "This isn't about us."

They have the forethought to understand the repercussions that Obama's presidency will have on future generations and have acted accordingly. Go ahead. Say it in unison "Oh, I see what you did there!" Yes folks, it's Earth Day! You can make it quick and painless by turning off your lights right now or put in some effort by checking out One Million Acts of Green and following through.


Dabuttah said...

I like that those kids have to make their own beds. I also like Oprah. She really knows how to skin an onion which is funny because a lot of people cry either on her show or watching her show. I just hope Oprah gets a chance to reason with all those pirates off the coast of Somalia. I keep hearing people talking about making those fiesty pirates play doctor with those sick pigs in Mexico but I am fairly certain that would only end in disaster since land based pigs and sea faring pirates have been on bad terms since the War of 1812. At least that's what I read in some book from Oprah's book club. In conclusion, I need some kids to make my bed so I don't have to buy one of the polluting robotic bed maker machines that have been all the rage in Japan for the last few years.

Meg said...

where are the new posts?

Marcia A. Mitchell said...

New post??? Coming Soon! :)